Things I said I’d never do

I am surprised by the things I have completely changed my mind about, regarding nutrition and fitness.  Today is Day 9, and I’ve already changed my tune on many things.

  1. I’ll never drink protein shakes.  First of all, they’re disgusting.  Second, expensive.  And last, for jocks.  I would say I’m pretty far from “jock” but regardless, I drink one every day now.


2. I’ll never go to the gym 5 days a week or more.  I never felt it was necessary.  And, those people who work out that much are super into themselves.  But what I realized is, they probably just have goals like mastering a pull-up.

3. I’ll never try the things the no-shirt wearing, skinny, pretty girls do.  Why?  Because I would probably will fail and look super dumb.  But, now I take mental notes of what those girls do (and try them later), and rather than assume they’re bimbos, I remind myself that they look that good because they work that hard.

4. I’ll never do a pull-up.  I have said that many times.  But, I’m changing my tune.  I think I really will, given the work and time.


The Day 5 struggle

Today is day 5 of my pull-up challenge.  My first 3 days were great.  Sore, but great.  Day 4 was a little tough to be motivated, but I got through my workout, and sucked down a protein shake (only gagging 3 times).

But day 5.  DAY 5.  This must be when my quitting tendencies start to set in.  Today, my attitude was that of a toddler mid-tantrum.  Here is actual footage of me trying to get through my workout:


I went to this yoga class thinking, I could use some calm today, some peace.  This wasn’t so much yoga as much as kungfu backflip, Ninja warrior training mixed with punching, kicking, and really fast jumping jacks.  My goodness, how does she do jumping jacks that fricken fast?! At the very end of class, the instructor is all like “peace starts with you.  You can send peace to others today.”  You’re the worst.  Next class namastay on the treadmill.

My plan for these 2 months

In college, I learned tons about fitness, because I was interested in it.  I just never actually practiced any of it!

Here’s my pull-up plan.

  1. Healthier diet:  I want to build muscle and melt fat quickly.  I am switching to a high protein/veggie diet with less (but still some) carbs.  I’m not going to stress out about every single calorie, but overall more veggies, more protein, less carbs, and less sugar (which is horrible timing, because Pumpkin Spice Lattes are coming back soon! #whitegirl)


2.  More fitness:  I want to go to fitness classes that incorporate full body strengthening with cardio.  Then, every other day I’m going to lift for my shoulders, triceps, lower back, and every other day- upper back, chest, abs.  I am working out 5-6 days a week for this challenge, and trying to keep upper body strengthening as a priority. Someday, I’ll be happy about pushups like this girl-


3.  Tracking this crap:  Every day I track how much weight I lift, how long I hold planks, how many reps I can do, how many sets, how much water I drink, and how much protein I get.  Once a week I weigh in (but this doesn’t matter as much to me, because muscle is heavier than fat).

I remember now why I always quit this goal.  It’s hard, and pretty much the worst!







Baseline for my pull-up challenge

For my own sake, I need to have pictures and videos of my baseline, or where I currently am.  Here’s some info:

I’m 5’5″, average build, and currently 131 lbs.  I have been working out for the last two months, using Barre classes 2 times a week and running/walking 2 times a week.  I have NEVER done consistent training or lifting for my upper body.  Mostly because it’s super hard.  I hadn’t worked out AT ALL for about a year and a half, prior to two months ago.

When I became a member of my gym, a personal trainer did my intake meeting/assessment.  He told me that I could definitely work on strengthening my core and upper body, ha!

Here are some baseline photos from 2 days ago:


Here is my current pull-up ability:

So… needless to say, I have my work cut out for me!  :0


My first challenge: mastering the pull up

Let me take you back in time, to my second grade year.

My least favorite subject was gym, and for good reason.  I wasn’t athletically inclined (I broke my arm 4 times- all in elementary school).  I was pretty anxious when testing came up during gym.  I remember vividly the teacher saying we had to attempt pull ups.  Waiting my turn in line I felt like I had to pee, my hands were getting sweaty, and my heart was pounding fast.  My turn was getting closer, when the MOST embarrassing thing happened.  I actually peed my pants.


Despite telling my peers that my mother forced me to wear jeans that weren’t yet dry that morning (which seemed convincing at the time), I was humiliated.

I know that mastering a pull-up isn’t anything like completing an Iron Man, or giving birth naturally.  But, to me it’s a huge deal.  I vowed to master the pull up at least 3 times throughout my life so far, and quit each time (often within minutes).


So the challenge is to complete 1 solid pull up, in 2 months.  I actually started working out on Monday, so today is day 3.  On October 14th, I will have a pull-up test (hopefully without the incontinence), with the goal of completing one.

Follow the progress on my training, and keep posted for videos and pics!

Why I want to quit quitting

I’m a happily married 29 year old woman, with an amazingly fun one year old. Here’s a picture of my family and I:


 I’m a sister, daughter, and friend to many.  I am blessed with a wonderful life.  But I’m also a quitter.   Always have been.  Below are some recent illustrations of me quitting.

Me three months ago:  I am SO excited to plant a super great herb garden and use it every day!



Me one year ago:  I am going to stop eating sugar.  It’s so horrible for me.


IMG_0463 (1)

Me three years ago:  I’m going to read my entire bible in a year.



Me about every 6 weeks for the last year:  I am going to change my profession.  I want to be a creative writer!



These occurrences (among many many more) got me thinking.  What if I quit quitting so much?  What would happen?  This blog is meant to help me track progress, and be accountable to my own goals, dreams, and started projects.  Maybe it will help someone else who’s trying to quit quitting too :0