Rule of Thirds Basics

I have been doing a little research and youtube watching around the idea of the rule of thirds.  I remembered this phrase or term from my college class, but couldn’t remember what it was.

Thanks to google images, I can show you the difference.  (I know nothing of the rules about taking photos from google images.  If I’m ever sued, I plead stupid!)

Some that follow the rule:

According to some youtubers, the rule of thirds refers to where the subject is in correlation to the horizontal and vertical thirds of the picture.  A subject should be on one of those thirds.  You can see above that each of these examples offers the subject on one of these thirds, both horizontally and vertically.

So when I look at some of the photos I took outside the other day, I can see that they did not follow this rule.  The pine cone was close.   The tree branches, not so much.  I can see how the rule of thirds helps a photo look better.

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